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Beard transplant

How's it going ?

● Remote consultation:

To be able to establish a diagnosis, our teams will ask you to send a panoramic X-ray, a few photos with a forced smile to be able to have a visual of your teeth and especially your gums and to complete a health questionnaire in order to validate your eligibility for the intervention and provide you with a final quote. Once the quote is validated, we agree on a date together and you send your tickets.

● Arrival in Istanbul:

You will be picked up by a VIP Van heading to your hotel, which will also be fully supported by our clinic, where you will be able to rest on the first day. The appointment time for the procedure will be communicated to you in advance.

● Day of intervention:

The day after your arrival you are once again picked up by our drivers from the hotel to the clinic. Once you arrive at the clinic, you are taken care of by the surgeon and our teams. The intervention time varies of course depending on each intervention situation.

● Length of stay in Istanbul:

The duration of the stay varies according to different cases but to give an idea, for a complete mouth it takes approximately one week for the first arrival and one week for the second and final arrival.

● Total duration of the intervention:

Each case is of course particular but for the example of a complete mouth with implants it takes around a week for a first arrival and the installation of the implants, then around four months later after the healing of the gums a second week for the installation final crowns and the end of your procedure.


● End of stay:

Your procedure is finished, your smile is magnificent. After a final day of check-up by our surgeons, you are taken back to your hotel for departure the next day. Your driver will pick you up to take you to the airport.


● After the procedure:

Once your procedure is completed, our agents remain in contact with you to monitor the progress of your new teeth and listen to any questions you may have.

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