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Hollywood smiles: A phrase used to describe an aesthetically enhanced smile through dental treatments such as whitening, veneers or dental crowns.


Zirconia / E-max Crowns: Types of dental crowns made from zirconia or ceramic (E-max) materials known for their strength and natural aesthetics.


Dental Veneers: Thin ceramic or composite coverings applied to the front surface of teeth to correct imperfections such as stains, cracks or irregularities.


Tooth whitening: A cosmetic dental treatment aimed at lightening the color of teeth by removing stains and reducing discoloration for a brighter smile.


Dental Implant: A durable replacement solution for a missing tooth, where an artificial titanium root is inserted into the jawbone to support a crown, bridge or denture.

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Temporary/permanent prosthesis: Temporary or permanent dental restorations used to replace one or more missing teeth, restore masticatory function and the aesthetics of the smile.


Scaling: A professional teeth cleaning process performed by a dentist or dental hygienist to remove accumulated plaque and tartar, preventing gum problems and cavities.


Root canal treatment: Also called root canal treatment, it is a dental procedure that involves removing infected or damaged pulp tissue inside the tooth, then cleaning, disinfecting and sealing the root canals to save the tooth.


Dental Surgery: A field of dentistry that encompasses a wide range of surgical procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction, implant placement, periodontal surgery, and correction of malocclusions.

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